Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year :)

New Year’s brings on hope, excitement and a chance to revamp your life at the stroke of midnight. Many people do not like using New Year’s as a starting point for a re-do of the past year’s mistakes and lessons learned. I however, love the idea. I have never ever put my resolutions on paper, much less on a blog for anyone to see. I am ready to rock 2012 like crazy and make it my best year yet!
eat clean and vegan as much as possible, do yoga 2 times a week, kick up my dental hygeine, start a running routine three times a week, treat myself to hot baths…getting my hair done…at-home manicures…maybe even a massage one day, start working on my 150, have a healthy and sexier birthday, take care of my appearance doing my hair and makeup, start a savings account for my children, keep up with my blog, get better sleep, stop procrastinating, apply for nursing school, save money like mad, eliminate all fast food completely and reduce takeout and resturant food to twice a month, nurture my current friendships and make new friends, be the best mommy I can be to my twins and the best (almost) step-mom to my boyfriend’s little boy, up my water intake everyday, read all of my current kindle books before I download another one, give thanks as much as possible and practice good deeds daily,  catch up on scrapbooks and craft, organize my desk and paperwork, organize my kitchen….well organize my whole entire life actually, clean up my credit and start paying off debt, treat my boyfriend like a king and take care of his heart <3, do a great job at everything I do and put in full effort in every task, learn-learn-learn as much as I can, be active with my children and get them outside and moving! be asthma-free by the end of the year, run a 5k race.
I am going to be a newer, better, nicer, fitter, sexier, kinder, healthier me! I’m ready to rock the face off this new year!!!