Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From Stagnant to Sizzling

Well 11 days into 2012 and so far the consensus for this new year is that 2012 is going to be hoppin'! Honestly, I could not be any happier to hear that because I need it. 2011 was good, don’t get me wrong. My kids are healthy and doing great in kindergarten…my boyfriend is wonderful and amazing, we have jobs and a great home…and I am grateful.

I want more! As selfish as that may sound since I know I have much more than others do…that does not mean I need to be content with my life if I am not 120% happy with it. The things I want to change are mainly with myself because I know once I am happier, everything else will fall into place. If I feel better about myself, my confidence goes up, I am more awesome to be around and that means I won’t chase my kids and boyfriend away.

One of my best presents ((ever!!)) was my Kindle Fire (which I play Angry Birds on 89% of the time)


and I am head-over-heels in love…

I am about half way through “This Year I Will…” and it is a WONDERFUL book!



The chapter that really stuck with me and caught my eye was all about picking just one or two really important things you want to work on…not just a bunch of things that will end up scattering your focus and eventually leading to failure. I’m sure I am not the only person who can make a list of a half million things you want to work on. And I never end up sticking to it…any of it.

I figured I would give it a whirl and just stick with the two most important changes I would love to make to improve my life….

My Heath & Fitness



My Home Organization


I know when I bust my a$$ and shape up, I will be so-so-so much happier with myself, more confident, energetic and unstoppable. The “guilt of the unhealthy” is so life-consuming, some days it is all I think about. From the too-tight jeans and uncomfortable muffin top to the constant desire for a nap, I am done feeling like sh*t. I have wasted a majority of my past 26 years feeling like this…why on Earth would I allow it to continue???

My obsessive desire to organize the crap out of my house. I want to need something and go to the exact spot where it is. I hate the unnecessary stress of not being able to find something (literally just happened today)


(yeah, that is supposed to be my desk. no wonder I am so productive, right?)

I have an enormous amount of school work and artwork from my kiddos that is priceless to me and I have a plan for it. I just haven’t taken any incentive for handling it. I cringe in disgust anytime I passed that desk of mine. It is embarrassing!

What is worse is my kitchen




Ick, Ick, Ick.

Dear Kitchen, You and I will change each other’s lives tomorrow. <3 me

Once I conquer these changes, I will pick something else to work on. I know my health and fitness will be constantly evolving and will need life long, consistent work but will get easier once some good habits replace bad habits.

(One bad habit I have stayed away from since the New Year is fast food…go me!)

Some good habits I am bringing back are…


Smoothie Luv <3


Yoga Luv <3

plus…it’s almost time for a lil Fitnessista Winter Shape-Up 2012!
Talk about perfect timing!


I definitely know I can do it and I know what to do so I have no excuses.


and frankly…


To Do:

*Make Inspiration/Vision Board

*Determine how easy repainting the pantry would be…lol

*Reorganize desk and kitchen cabinets

*Go for a walk and do some yoga


Here’s to kickin some @$$ Smile




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