Monday, March 12, 2012

Best Body Bootcamp: Week 2

Wow, has it really been a week already?

This Best Body Bootcamp is starting Week 2 this morning and I am psyched. Not only because the support also is amazing but because I have a whole new fitness outlook.

As I wrote before, I am newly expecting and will no longer be focusing on losing weight. Instead, I will focus on whole nutrition, healthy portions, lots of water and getting my body as healthy as possible for baby. Not only is that great for mom and baby, but it means mama will have an easier time getting into shape after delivery!

My BBC goals for the week are:

#1- Have at least one smoothie and one salad a day

#2- Reduce and eliminate diet soda from my diet

I could go ‘cold turkey’ but the caffeine headache alone will bug me enough to engage in my old habits.

Yesterday the weather was amazing so we went out for a walk to and through the local park. It was wonderful to get some cardio in and shake my legs out!!! I forgot how much I love the great outdoors (before the bugs come out!)

Then we loaded the kids up and went to the store for a few groceries. (pics and meals to follow, along with my first baby purchase!)

On today’s agenda:

*Call Dr!!



*Dream a little

Winking smile




How cute is that??!!

Be back later!!

<3 Morgan

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