Sunday, March 11, 2012

Excited and Scared

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I have had a slew of emotions.

Fear that something will go wrong, especially so early on.

Excitement of a new little miracle will be joining our family.

Precautious not to let my heart develop a bond with the uncertainty.

Blessed because against the odds of getting pregnant using an IUD (.06% chance)…

We got pregnant.

Am I the silly, giddy one who was looking up baby gear from the first night I found out…


I found myself excited to look and then my head would catch up with me…

“Make sure everything is okay before you fall in the love with the idea of a new baby”

It is too late because I fell in love the very first night. I am worried, yes, how can I not be? When I first found out I was pregnant with my 6 year old twins <3 I was 20 years old, young and dumb…and basically unaware of what could go wrong. I wasn’t instantly attached to my pregnancy…it took awhile to kick in.

This time around is completely different. I am 27, mature, in a loving and wonderful relationship with the man who will one day be my hubby and I want nothing more than to have his baby, our baby <3

Planned or not, God makes the decisions…that is for sure Smile

I can’t waste time worrying about what I cannot control and until I go to the Dr.s, I won’t know anything for sure. For now, I hope and pray that everything goes great, the baby latched on to the right area, the IUD comes out without a problem and we have a healthy, new baby this November <3

Time to saving as much money as possible, pray as hard as possible and take care of myself the best I can <3

<3 Morgan



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