Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today, I Planked

Good afternoon Smile 

I am so excited right now because I officially finished my first week of my training program provided by Tina from Best Body Fitness! Today was my cardio and core circuit day…the cardio was great, just a good treadmill walk for 30 minutes @ 3.2mph @ incline of 3-4 (spilt into 2, before and after core circuit). Simple yet effective and got me sweatin’! My core circuit went…well…so-so. Awesomely, I got my plank time up to 1 full minute!! The highest I have ever done a full, on elbows plank!!! I really pushed that full minute with the life of me which left little energy for the rest of the circuit. After fiddle-farting around (yes, it is a word! kind of) I decided to do:

Abdominal Machine @ 70lbs x 2 sets of 20

Torso Twist Machine @ 55lbs x 2 sets of 10 each side

Stability Ball Crunches with 6lb medicine ball @ my chest x 15

Then I got right back on that treadmill and completed my cardio…it was just one of those days I really, really wanted to shake my legs out and go through my magazine.

Tomorrow is my day of Rest...ahhhhh… I’m thinking some yoga has my name on it.

~Gym Stories~

I have actually been thinking off offering my cleaning/organizing services at my gym because it seems as though it is being neglected Sad smile 

No one vacuums behind the treadmills so there is a collection of dirt and rocks there and the machines haven’t been dusted in ages!! It could definitely use my touch!!

My gym is also a tanning salon, hair salon, day spa and nail salon too (!!) so I pondered maybe offering a little trade(ski-poo) and offer to clean the gym portion for free or even reduced services (besides tanning- totally AGAINST tanning…ladies, you look like crap when you over-tan!!! Plus I’m super scared for skin cancer which another famous blog-ette just had to deal with!!!)

*Please, please, please remember…Don’t be “that” girl on the Leg Press talking on your IPhone!!! OMG, dime-store hooker, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY and GET OFF MY MACHINE!!! thanks, love morgan*



Now that I have an awesome training plan, I need to get control of what I put in my mouth (that’s what she said)

Clean eating to me is easy…it is avoiding the binge eating that is my vice.

I am not sure what will work best for me whether it be a set eating plan or writing down everything I eat… I know I am NOT a calorie tracker, I would rather die than try and track calories. I made a meal plan the other day for the entire week and I didn’t even follow a single day. I guess I am more of a “let’s keep a slew of healthy options and I’ll pick what I want, when I want it” kind of girl.

Wishing everybody luck with Day 2 of Best Body Bootcamp!!! The 24/7 support on the Facebook page is unbelievable!! It is truly awesome to see such an inspired group of women who want to change their lives for the better!! Kick some ass ladies!!

Be back with my running fears…and some pictures!!!





  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog Morgan!! Congrats on bootcamp- I am loving it too! And on your plank- that is a really awesome time! :)

  2. Believe me when I say that 60 seconds took ALL that I had!! lol p.s. LOVING YOUR BLOG!!!