Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nerve-racking is…

Being worried that at this point in time…I might be pregnant.
True story.
My loving boyfriend is at the grocery store right now (9pm, he is wonderful) picking up a Clearblue.
I realized I was late while we were laying in bed. My lady-time has been all out of whack since having my kids and then getting my copper IUD in place last year. I checked my lady-calendar on my Kindle Fire (loveit) I figured if you by slight chance got pregnant with the IUD, you would automatically need an abortion since you have a piece of metal in what is supposed to be your embryo’s home. Well apparently if you Google “pregnant with paragard IUD” you find a bunch of other women who also got pregnant while using a very reliable birth control.
Better than anything (besides absintence, I know)
One million questions pop into my head as I sit here chugging water out of my Nalgene bottle…
Will the baby be okay if I actually am pregnant?
Could it be an ectopic pregnancy?
What will happen if they take the IUD out?
What will happen if they leave the IUD in?
My questions are not going to be answered today as of course it is the weekend and none of my doctors are open until Monday.

I have to leave it in God’s hands because I have faith that this will all be okay.
And because God always works in mysterious ways…
Yes x 2…
and praying for the best Smile
Shhhhhh….we are keeping this top-secret for now.
At least (if all works out okay) I can join the Elite group of pregnant blog-ettes
(as if I am even worthy of being in their same blogger status category)
Now that this is real, I hope and pray that it is true and healthy and there will be no complications…
“BabyShines” coming soon, November 12, 2012 <3

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