Monday, March 5, 2012

Back in Action: Bootcamp Style (Day 1)

Oh my my goodness…it has been too long since I wrote a blog post.

~College life

I am taking a break from my classes this semester and have actually pondered transferring to a larger university in the area that offers more courses…the two downsides are that it is 30 minutes away…and I don’t expect it to have that small college feel to it…like you know everyone…a little tight knit community.

…but who really knows what the future holds I guess.

~My Children

My children are growing like weeds and I love them more each day…I hope and pray everyday to be a better mom to them because they deserve nothing but the best life possible. I want to teach them to be kind, be nice to everyone and live and love like there is no tomorrow. If I want to teach them those lessons…then I definitely need to practice what I preach because there is no better teacher than a good example.

~My Love

My boyfriend never seems to let me forget how much he loves me…and he is truly amazing. He makes me feel beautiful and loved…even after gaining 60lbs since the day I met him, he has never once treated me any different or hinted at my weight gain. Isn’t it sad that someone would be surprised at someone not being mean to them. What world do we live in that people would do that to one another?

Everyday, I am more and more amazed at how wonderful my Officer is…I’m a lucky girl <3

~Health & Fitness

Something I am super pumped about is my decision to sign up for 24 weeks of online personal training with Tina from or

First of all…my first 4 week plan she sent over is AMAZING! I just finished Day 5 with some quality elliptical time and a strength training routine (Workout B) that rocked my face off! This girl has a true talent for fitness and I am totally sensing she will go FAR in her career as a personal trainer!!

Today was also Day 1 of her Best Body Bootcamp which I am participating in the prize option (!!!!) while doing my own personalized plan that Ms. Tina made for me :) She made a Best Body Bootcamp Facebook Page also that has already totally changed this program for me!! There are (so far) 196 members to support each other and spread positivity throughout this program and it is GREAT!!

With her Bootcamp, you make 2 mini-goals (each week or longer if you like) and check it off each day if you accomplish it…

Mine for this week are:

NO Binge Eating!!!

Drink my face off (H2O, no booze here, yo!)


My future goals for the next few weeks will be…

Eliminate diet soda

Have a smoothie & salad each day

10 minutes of yoga per day

Brown bag and cook all meals


Gotta go…I have dinner to make for my lovelies Smile




  1. So glad you joined Boot Camp, we're gonna have a great 8 weeks coming up!

    1. Thanks! Glad to see you there also!! This 8 weeks will be tough but amazing!! I'm very happy to have such great support when times get tough too!!

  2. Glad to see another of Tina's clients (like me) also participating in boot camp! I am so excited to still get our personalized training, but have the opportunity for all the support that is happening on the Facebook page.

    1. I was so glad to find her clients too! I was feeling a little left out when everyone was talking about their workouts for the day...I was thinking, "Awe I have no idea what they are talking about!" I wouldn't trade the program for anything though and I am so happy for the chance to participate in the prize option and get the FB support!!!