Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day of Rest–BBC Day 3

Ahhh….a day of rest. Kind of.

I have to work at 2pm but until then I’ll be catching up on the blog world and my fellow bootcampers Smile 

Today is technically Day 3 for the Best Body Bootcamp but Day 7 for my personal training plan.

My first week went really, really well. I didn’t miss a single workout or a minute of cardio as per my plan. My eating however, has been sub-par to say the least!

I went grocery shopping for a few necessities…


I may or may not have enjoyed one of these bad boys on the way home Winking smile


Totally AMAZINGLY mouth-watering!


Some Soft Wraps (so fluffy and soft!) Pita Pockets and Spinach Dip.

I bought this on a whim in hopes to make a delish pita with spinach, provolone cheese and this spinach dip…


Silly me didn’t read the ingredients before I got home.


Sorry for the blurry pic and lack of being able to actually read anything of the ingredients but I know just from looking at the length that it has WAY too much crap in it!

Ugh, you win some, you lose some.


Can you tell I am super pumped for my upcoming anniversary gift from the Officer?


Dear Future Keurig Machine,

I cannot wait to use you Winking smile 

<3 me

I have until the end of April to get my present since our anniversary isn’t until April 23rd (2 years baby!!!!) so I have some time to wait…until then, I will just dream of chocolate coffee!

We do have a Keurig at work (which is where I fell in love with coffee, 12 hour shifts are sometimes exhausting!) so I can use them until I get my own machine.

Well, I’m off to finish up some laundry and get ready for work!

Have a wonderful day Smile



  1. Loving the bootcamp and personal training with Tina.

    Food is a challenge for me, something I really need to work on. Will be one of my goals for one of the bootcamp weeks.

    And we LOVE our Keurig machine. We have been through 2 so far and although the coffee is expensive, it's so much better than wasting a whole pot of coffee and you get more variety anyway. LOL

  2. Yes and it is a whole lot cheaper than a Starbucks habit! What type of food goals are you planning?? Maybe you can give me some ideas :)